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Do marketing and development are related ?

A priori there is not much in common between marketing and web development. Except that creating a website is not an end! A website without visitors has no interest especially if it is an e-commerce site. Through web marketing tools, organizations can deploy a strategy to develop its attendance site. So, it is after the site was created by developers that involved the webmarketers. And it is particularly in SEO they play their cards.

Why is SEO important?

Being visible on the web is essential. This necessarily involves SEO techniques. It should be set up pages on the top positions of search engines, including Google to drive traffic and potential customers.

The role of webmarketer in SEO

He defines the political SEO and positioning in search engines and finally the political PPC (SEM). It also formalizes the strategy affiliations and partnerships.

The role of webmarketing in the development of a website

A webmarketer has many tasks to perform to enable the creation and development of traffic to a website. This is a general practitioner who has an excellent knowledge of e-marketing levers to promote it. Its main mission is to increase traffic and sales of a website. It must be proactive in strategic marketing as operational marketing.
Upstream, the webmarketer develop the sales and marketing strategy of the company via the Internet. It may even have a role to play on the website design by establishing specifications of the website content (editorial, ergonomics, functionality, navigation).
Then he runs the website by updating regularly the news and management of the database products, creating and sending newsletters. He hosts, manages and measures the market trends in its field by identifying new interactive media but also offline (TV, radio, advertising display ...).
Finally, it must identify and evaluate consumer demands, manage returns and reactions, provide summary reports etc. Responsible for the results of his actions, he makes regular reporting on the impact of conducted campaigns (audience measurement, traffic, sales).

This is the way that marketing and development are linked.

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