What smart glass can bring to your companies future

Google is not the only company that run for innovated technology. We can imagine the battle between all the societies that build the smart glass.

Let’s play some emotional feeling

We are very proud about the 3D technology. This system works everyway and we can have a new vision if our world for more years later. But high-tech didn’t say his last world by inventing the smart glass. This is a glass that makes us to see each part of this object in vision. We can have a high definition picture definition and we can control this image so easy. But in a virtual reality, the sensation is different because we see pictures in a zoom position. That makes us in the same position of the actor of this video. This technology is used by the room cinema or in a personal vision, like in a game. The glass is smart because he is connected, and we can also control it by our smartphone. Google is the first society which initiate it, and its work. Now, Google is working with many others companies who have the same vision that him, that’s why AMA is a part of google smart glass partner that brings solution in a professional vision.

Appreciate the AMA proposition

This smart glass named Xpert Eye brings a large evolution to the practice of many societies in a different domain. When a person is wearing on this glass, he can control the picture in his visibility for a zoom or another manipulation. But this glass is connected into a pc that have internet, and all the image and audio, even the video that this person see is visible on the person that is connected with the PC. In that case, the other person could see the scene directly and could help the person doing the action. It is efficient with a society that brings service security of a house, a technician in place. But, they have already tested the system on a hospital and ambulances, and the result is extraordinary.

As curious as we are, we appreciate to share directly all things that we do because may be someone else will need this experience now.

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