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Do not repeat with Ror Development

The tool is the cornerstone of the result. This is especially true when talking about website since its creation is essential for commercial companies. To have a successful site, innovating with all latest features so it will be important to use the best tool. Ruby on Rails is the most used in this area and the majority of startups have adopted the same tool. Of course, the benefits are the logical explanation face this effervescence if one site does not repeat itself when writing code. It will still know well that tool before you can fully use it.

Ruby on rails

Remember, ruby ​​on rails is an open source framework using the Ruby language to develop web applications. Many advantages, but the most recurrent is at the level of production that is unbeatable. Clearly, a ror developer will create a website in minutes with ror. In the case of a blog, just 62 lines of code in order to mount perfectly. We have two fundamental principles by adopting ruby ​​on rails. The first principle is DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself. We therefore seek the purpose of having the application's components in one place. The second principle is the Convention over Configuration. This principle will prevent accurate details when developing since the work will follow the already established conventions.

Ruby on Rails: benefits

Not to mention its unbeatable production, it must be said that ror offers many advantages. Above all, it will effectively structure the project for better organization of the latter. Note also the fact that migration will be possible with ror which will change the structure and content of the database more agile way. To manipulate the database also have a ror Active ORM record. With the scaffold feature, you can also generate the code needed to make a CRUD (Creat, Read, Update, Delete). Rails 3 will also offer specific environments in which we interact perfectly. Of course, safety is always waiting for you when using ror.

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