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Forget Google desktop, it's about mobile time now...!

It is necessary to know that the world of the web is in perpetual evolution which suggests that the tools used to better understand it are also in perpetual evolution. If other tools are still in fashion, others will have to give way to new versions that will be more effective. Currently, one of the most used and effective tools is php and this effervescence is easily explained by its many advantages.

The mobile tool

Which explains perfectly the php development is at the level of its advantages. Clearly, php is a generalist scripting language and open source accessible to all. It has been specially designed to meet all the constraints of modern application development. What makes it so special is that it easily integrates with HTML. To display this then, it will no longer be necessary to use tons of commands since php pages already contain fragments of HTML. Also, you should know that php is a server-side language unlike the same languages ​​of the same ilk like javascript. It is therefore on a server that the code of php will come to execute in order to produce HTML. By configuring the server specifically, it will be possible to confuse static and dynamic pages perfectly.

A tool in perpetual evolution

In addition to the many benefits of php, you should know that it is also in perpetual evolution. New versions of this tool are now available just like php 7 which breaks records in terms of performance. Available since December 2015, this latest version comes with the new version of the Zend Engine. The power of the language will be increased to add to the already many advantages of older versions of Php. With the new version of the PHPNG, this new version is much faster than the old ones with a performance up to 70% more. Also, the gaps have been worked out to offer all developers the ability to have a fast and powerful tool delivering superior results. Of course, this new version will always be open source making it accessible to everyone.

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