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How to program with PHP ?

When talking about programming and website creation, Php always comes into the discussion. Indeed, it has many advantages that will make web site design is simple. Of course, before you can claim an advance use of PHP, it will be important to really know the extent of its benefits. From there, one can easily design the innovative website and flawless as expected.

PHP: A scripting language

You should know that PHP is a scripting language in both Open Source and general. Its use is reserved for the development of web applications. Also php display HTML. To display the latter, PHP will not need to go through several commands. You should know that the php pages already contain HTML fragments. The specificity of PHP over other languages ​​like that, is that his code will run on a server to display HTML. The result will be sent to the client without cer latter has access to the code that led to this result. We can therefore configure the server to process all HTML files as Php files. From there, there will be no difference between the dynamic pages and static pages. You should know that PHP has many features that make it easy and convenient to use.

The foundations of Use

When php programming, it is important to separate the conventional HTML code and PHP code. This will require that the HTML source code consists essentially tags. Thereafter, the php code directly enter the HTML environment. Also, these pieces serve as Php dynamtiques parties to the page. Clearly, the pages will carry out the changes themselves. Then it will be important to introduce a new tag in order to use php. This tag is specile the fact that begin with the php code and introduce the general code Php. Obviously, we can write a php tag on multiple lines. Once created php tag, it will, thereafter, inserting the HTML medium. Of course, we can easily move this tag anywhere on the page.

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