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Magento, an independant company

Established as an independent company in November 2015, with the support of the Permira Fund, Magento Commerce has launched several innovations, incorporated in its new e-commerce Magento 2 solution. Temando technology, designed to reduce the difficulties of the e-merchants who are confronted with regards to parcel shipping, is one of these novelties. Since its launch as an independent company, Magento has seen sustained growth and its open source magento platform has already become an essential tool in the e-commerce sector, as it is deployed on more than 250,000 sites in the world and it allows the processing of more than 50 billion US dollars of goods orders per year.

Historically Varien ...

From the earliest beta releases published in 2007, this tool - borne by the American publisher Magento Inc. (formerly Varien) - has generated a phenomenal buzz worldwide in federating an extremely active community in record time. Magento draws its strength from its great modularity and robustness. It has clearly been designed to carry ambitious and extensive merchant sites with features such as advanced categorization, product family definition, configurable product management, cross-selling and up-selling functions, powerful promotions engine , multi-store management, advanced currency management and VAT rates.

Originally broadcast exclusively under license OSL, Magento succeeded in betting on its release to seize a large segment of the market. In April 2009, Magento announced the release of an Enterprise version. The latter, for an annual fee, incorporates a number of additional features and a support contract. The solution is based on the Zend PHP framework and benefits from a large number of innovations in terms of participative functionality.

Magento is a rich and complex e-commerce platform. Its big highlight is the extensibility of the solution, the architecture is thinking to make everything expandable and overchargeable. But it takes a lot of technical expertise to extend and customize the solution. And it takes solid servers to run the whole. The administration of the shop is not a model of ergonomics nor a model of simplicity.

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