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When it comes to performance benchmarking, PHP has experienced a lot of criticism. But thanks to the contributors who gave the ancient language wings and presented the recent versions of PHP 7.x, which is fitted with all the instruments and elements needed to increase PHP's efficiency. Using PHP 7, you can create and deploy sophisticated applications with such characteristics and functionalities on any PHP hosting that can optimize their efficiency to greater concentrations.

How we work ?

All our projects are managed by our Project Coordinators who are also responsible for the planning and can interact directly with the client depending on the size of the project. We strongly believe in supporting our developers and giving them the opportunity to voice their thoughts or concerns about a project. We look almost like a hockey team on our development team. We are trying within our means to have the finest players possible, and we are always looking for fresh players that can add to our achievement.

The benefit

Our office is far from home. Our place is within easy reach of the Peel Metro station. Working hours are flexible and the health and dental insurance is superior. Our kitchen is fully stocked with plenty of free food (fruits, yogurts, granola bars, various kinds of bread, cold cuts, dark chocolate, tea...) and a high-quality coffee machine that also produces Espresso & Cappuccino. When sitting on the bean bags and playing on the PS4, throwing some darts or playing some guitar, there's a beer tap that's particularly good. Wanting to stick around after work and hang out after work is not uncommon. It's welcome, on the contrary! So visit us at

Team Leaders Resolve Conflicts and Increase Cooperation

Conflicts can tear teams apart and leaders need to work to help resolve differences quickly and promote cooperation. Often team leaders assume that mature people will resolve conflict on their own. If that were true, however, there would be no divorce, separations or wars. In high-performance teams differences are addressed quickly and directly. This requires a level of maturity in team members.

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