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Working on dynamic web page projects with Simplyphp

There are two types of Web projects: dynamic and static. Dynamic web projects can contain dynamic Java EE resources such as servlets, JSP files, filters, and associated metadata, in addition to static resources such as images and HTML files. Static web projects only contain static resources. When you create Web projects, you can include cascading style sheets and JSP tag libraries (for dynamic Web projects), so that you can begin development with a richer set of project resources. Dynamic Web projects are always embedded in Enterprise Application projects. The wizard that you use to create a dynamic Web project will also create an Enterprise Application (EAR) project if it does not already exist. The wizard will also update the application.xml deployment descriptor of the specified Enterprise Application project to define the Web project as a module element. If you are importing a WAR file rather than creating a dynamic Web project new, the WAR Import wizard requires that you specify a Web project, which already requires an EAR project. PHP can do a lot of useful things such as generating dynamic page content, creating, opening, reading, writing, deleting and closing files on a server, collecting form data, receiving and sending cookies, adding deleting, modifying data in the database, using to control user-access, encrypting data and outputting images, PDF files, Flash movies, XHTML and XML text files.

Complex project demands experience

At big and complex projects, you need experience or help from more experienced PHP programmers or php developers because there are a lot of libraries and a lot of ways to make a feature, but you won’t be able to choose the proper one or to find exactly what you want.

Open-source code

Usually, everything that is on sight can be stolen, and it is the same for PHP source code that can be stolen by your own clients or other web programmers and to put it in other projects even if you came with the original solution or idea.

Lack of debugging tools

In PHP you need debugging tools to find errors and warnings, but the problem is there are only a few of them available in comparison with other programming languages like Python.

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