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Introducing the best DDOS protection on the market

Every day, people heard someone talking about DDoS and Anti-DDoS. But many still ignore it, even if they have their own website. Notice that there is a lot of Anti-DDoS nowadays, but they didn’t offer the same services. It just depends on what the customers are looking for. For that, it’s helpful to go on comparison website.

Having a DDoS protection is very important

Everyone ask about what a DDoS or Distributed Denial Of Services is, and the same for the Anti-DDoS. As known, DDoS is an extern server attack in order to bug or block one target server or website. This is an attack perform by a hacker for an unknown reason thatonly them could answer.Even if there is best ddos protection, even with the success of the cyber criminality cops, hackers are still increasing daily. Therefore, without protection, everyone can be easily hacked. It can make the target server, computer or website bug. Such as it can use private information to attempt a goal.

The must have for a best DDoS protection

Nowadays, many societiesoffer anti-DDoS services. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that they’re all reliable. But it’s so difficult to recognize the best while the majority proposes the same offers. Usually, for having the best DDoS protection, society should offers to their customers a storage disk more than 30Go. For having no connection trouble, it’s recommended to have at least 200Go of bandwidth, which can increase on demand. This bandwidth increase may attempt 100 To if the customers are needed. And for rapidly blocking the DDoS attack, server or website needs 120GB/s of DDoS protection. But if the attack is performing by a group of botnet, or with very high bandwidth traffic, DDoS protection can be increased till 350 GB/s, and all of these properties are seen and available with KoDDoS.

As said, there is so much DDoS protection’s society, and many good offers. But it is so important to compare all of them.

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