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Php has been created by Rasmus Lerdof

When talking about web application development, we think directly to development tools. At this level, the most used is probably php which has a very good rating in the area. Its creator, Rasmus Lerdof even said a few words to that effect. Of course, it would be interesting to know perfectly what php and so foundation in order to understand the basic concept of its creator.

What's PHP?

Clearly, php is a server side scripting language, open source and general. It is within the reach of all and has a free version. It will use to create innovative and effective web sites. A php developers will be able to easily integrate HTML through php. To display the HTML in question, it will not be necessary to use several commands since php pages already contain HTML fragments. Since it is the server side too, its code will run directly on to display the HTML server. This will be subsequently sent directly to customers without the latter do not have means of access to the source code. Of course, static pages and dynamic pages will be combined in a perfect way with php by configuring the server.

The Rasmus Lerdof's word

It's Rasmus Lerdof who created PHP and it has, however, left some words to that effect. Clearly, php designer said that PHP had finally reached maturity at the moment. It is a stable project running almost alone. Most of its users, he said, no longer use php directly but go through a site management system like Wordpress or Drupal. Also according to him, is a very good development. He even compared the early hours of php with those of Linux. This therefore provides good developments facing the tool. Php developer also managed to evolve over time and while evolving in parallel with the web world. We shall see, moreover, these php developments with new versions including the latest is PHP 7.

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