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Yes a developer should know about Jquery and Javascript !

Creating web site is an important and necessary step for all developers. At this creation, it is important to consider the development of tools that have their specificity. Still, a good developer should know perfectly that the used tool and recurring tools. Faced with these, JavaScript is probably the tool that has the largest scale possible. It is widely used and it perfectly reflects its advantages. In addition, this tool is constantly changing.

Knowing JavaScript

When we talk about development, JavaScript or JS is a must. Many other development tools that take advantage of Java.

A ruby ​​on rails developer will know only too well. Clearly, JS is used to make it more attractive web browsing. It is therefore used in conjunction with the HTML pages. Its main function will be to boost the best HTML pages and incrustera directly into a web page. It is a client-side programming language which therefore run without launching software. With JS, so it will be possible to display or hide a text, scrolling through images, create a slide show with a good overview images and the creation of tooltips. Without JS, web pages therefore appear as mere book pages.

JQuery and JavaScript

The JS span is such that the same excitement of its use is such that you can even quantify it. It must be said that webmasters are always trying to best boost their pages and JS is the best way. In addition, with the advent of Web 2.0, JS has further evolved even more with even more features. This is exactly the case of jQuery which is therefore a JS framework. With him, it will be possible to write less code while being more productive. JQuery is clearly a single JS file that is downloaded from the net. He has the extension ".js". This is a huge library of functions that have been written and compiled into one file while being as practical as possible in the process.

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